VBC - Auto Receptionist

Starting a business is never easy and yet the image you portray to the outside world must be professional at all times. One man start-ups and small business can’t always afford an expensive switch board system, but need the functionality it offers to communicate and connect with their clients.

If you are in the market for easy to use and cost effective system that does not include any telephone hardware your solution would be the VBC Auto Receptionist. A professional voice greets the caller with your business information and keeps you informed of messages whilst you are on the go.

The VBC - Auto Receptionist (PBX)' enables your business to enjoy the full functionality of a large switchboard with a range of features including:

* Answering multiple calls (over 400 calls simultaneously),
* Interactive voice response features,
* Breakout features,
* 'Follow me' message facility, and much more. >> Register

VBC - Auto Receptionist (PBX) & Screenshots

All the Auto Receptionist  features provide a professional front-end without an expensive front-end facility. Follow me - this refers to a break out facility that can connect a call from Auto Receptionist to your land line or your cell phone, so you can stay connected with clients where ever you are.   The VBC Auto Receptionist allows you the functionality of a large switchboard and professional service. All calls are answered with a professional voice and messages are forwarded to you, keeping you in touch when you are out of the office and on the go.

SMS User Porthole
Auto Receptionist - Login
The online SMS application is secure and easy to use. To login go to the "VBC User Porthole". Enter your username and password. Your username is usually your 086 fax2email number. If you forgot your password – click on “forgot password” and follow the steps. If you are an active user you would be prompted to key in the onscreen security image.
Auto Receptionist - Express, Standard & Enterprise
Auto Receptionist - Express, Standard & Enterprise
The VBC - Auto Receptionist has 3 levels of serves to choose from: Express, Standard and Enterprise. Express is the most basic package that will great your clients, transfer the call to an external number and take a message if engaged or no answer. The standard package will great your clients, give them 2 options to be transferred to and take a message if line is busy. The Enterprise option will give your clients 3 option, play information regarding selected option, transfer the call, if busy give other options or take a message.
SMS User Interface - - Sending a New SMS
Setting Up Auto Receptionist
Once you have decided what service would work best for you click on 'Purchase Service' in the upper menu. Make your selection & click the 'Submit' button. The next step is to decide on the text of your auto message. Type your message in the open block, select your artiste voice. Using the drop down menu select either an 083, 0800, 0860, 0861 or an 011 access number. Now select your message notification method – SMS or Email. Agree to the terms and conditions and you are ready to get going...read more
Listening to your messages on Auto Receptionist
Listening to your messages on Auto Receptionist
All the message you receive are accessible through the VBC user interface. To listen to your messages all you need to do is log into VBC user interface, select “Connect” and click on Auto Receptionist in the drop down menu. Now select “Administer your services” and click on “view current messages. Select the message you want to listen to by clicking on the message. To get the VBC - Auto Receptionist solution for yourself, click on register and purchase your copy of VBC today!
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