SMS - Send single or bulk SMS with VBC

The SMS service enables the VBC user to send single or bulk SMS's to all mobile networks and Telkom SMS subscribers and enables the recipient to send a reply SMS to the sender. All information can be retrieved via the user in VBC SMS service.

This service allows the user to keep in contact with their customers via SMS, and is the most effective advertising tool. Having a function? Need to invite your clients and let them RSVP instantly? Use the VBC SMS facility and send to your complete client base with one push of the button and watch the replies come back! Quick, easy & effective.

The user can also personalize their SMS's by creating a template, which can be used again and again, saving you time and giving you a professional edge.

Simple & easy to use. Don't delay - send an SMS today. Register and activate your copy today.

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SMS Product Overview & Screenshots

The Desktop SMS application is part of the VBC package. VBC centralises your business applications and makes it possible for any company or individual to connect to it resources from anywhere in the world with any PC that has a live internet connection.

The VBC – SMS solution is secure, easy to use and traceable. With your username and password you can log onto the VBC porthole, access your address book, select contacts you want to SMS, write a message and click send. Every one selected will then receive a SMS and will also have the option to reply to that SMS. All replies are stored in the SMS user interface.

SMS User Porthole
Login & SMS Online Porthole
The online SMS application is secure and easy to use. To login go to the "VBC User Porthole". Enter your username and password. Your username is usually your 086 fax2email number. If you forgot your password – click on “forgot password” and follow the steps. If you are an active user you would be prompted to key in the onscreen security image.
SMS User Interface
SMS User Interface
Once logged in you would be able to see your balance in the top right hand corner of the VBC user porthole. You can also navigate around all the VBC applications on left side of the screen. To get to the SMS application click on “Personal” and select “SMS”. On the main page you are presented with a record of your past sent / received SMS activities as well as the links to create new SMS’s, your Inbox, Outbox, SMS Scheduled, Templates and help section.
SMS User Interface - - Sending a New SMS
Sending a SMS
To send a new SMS, click on “NEW” in the top menu. The new SMS user interface opens up. In this section you have the option to select from individual and/or group contacts. If you do not have any contacts in your contact list you can simply “bulk upload” your contacts through the “Dairy” application. You also have the option to use standard templates and create a dynamic SMS message. The SMS system also has a preview function so you can see what your SMS would look like before it goes out. To send click on "Submit"
SMS User Interface - SMS Status & Tracking
SMS Status & Tracking
Sent SMS can be tracked through the Inbox/Outbox feature in the SMS user interface. The Outbox allow you to see what SMS’s has been sent, what the status is of a SMS and at what time it was sent. You also have an option to resend or delete a SMS. The Inbox allows you to keep track of any replies. SMS’s can also be scheduled to go out at specific times. This is a great feature to send SMS to your customers on their birthdays or to notify them of upcoming sale. To get the Desktop SMS solution for yourself, click on register and purchase your copy of VBC today!
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