Subscription Fax2Email - Receive International Faxes

Now you can get a geographical number that is linked to your email address with all the benefit of a 086 Fax2Email number.
Subscription Fax 2 Email

Fax2Email has always been associated with a free service that links a fax number to your email address. But there were some limitations with the free fax service and receiving faxes from an international destination could not always be guaranteed. To deal with the demand of international faxes a new subscription Fax2Email service was added to the line up giving users a geographical number eg. (011) 604 XXXX which is linked to an email address.

The Subscription Fax2Email service enables users to:

* Receive International Faxes
* Geographical number (e.g. 011)
* Fax Usage reports per user
* Blacklist unwanted Fax2Email numbers> Sign Up
* Online Management system
* Fax History Interface
* Support (office hours)

Subscription Fax2Email - Product Screenshots

Subscription Fax 2 Email Registration and Activation
Subscription Fax2Email - Registration
To register for subscription Fax2Email click on the “Sign Up” button. You would then be presented with an option to choose between a Corporate or Individual Subscription. Make your selection and click on “Register now”. On the registration page fill in all your detail and select your payment period & method. Once sign up you would receive an activation email. You must activate your number before you can receive any faxes. Follow the link in the activation email to go to the online user interface to activate your new Fax2Email number.                                                                                                                                       > Sign Up
Subscription Fax 2 Email Login & Navigation
Subscription Fax2Email - Login & Navigation
To log into your online user interface go to the Fax2Email admin porthole . Enter your username and password. Your user name is your 086 or 011 Fax2Email number. The password for your Fax2Email account was setup at activation of your account. If you can’t remember the password click on “forgot password”. Once logged in, you can update your personal profile, change the end destination of your Fax2Email number, view your fax usage & history, resend old faxes,blacklist unwanted fax numbers and change the password for your online account.                                                                                                                                        > Sign Up
Subscription Fax number management & blacklisting
Fax number Management & Blacklisting
To change the end destination of your Fax2Email number you need to be login to your Fax2Email online account. Once logged in go to the left hand side of the page and click on the “Personal” tab. In this section you can see the information that was captured on activation of your Fax2Email account. To change the end destination of your Fax2Email number – simply update the email address in the personal section and click on “Update Detail”. Your Fax2Email end destination is now changed. If you want to resend any old faxes simply click on “Fax Usage & History” select the dates you want the                                                                    faxes for and click on resend for the fax you need to resend.                                                                                                                                        > Sign Up