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Get Your Own Free Fax2Email Number

Get a Free Fax2Email Number from SA top Fax2Email service providers. Register for free and get your own 086 fax2email number today! The free fax2email service allows you to receive faxes on your PC

How does the Fax2Email service work?

With registration for the fax2email service a unique 086 number is linked to your email address. When someone sends a fax to your 086 number it is rooted to a secure online faxing server. The server converts the fax to an electronic .TIFF or PDF file and forwards this file as an attachment to the registered email address.

How secure is the Fax2Email service?

Faxing servers are equipped with the same 128-bit encryption protocol as that of the big banks for security. The fax2email service complies with all relevant legislation pertaining to the sending and receiving of facsimile documents. The fax2email service also complies with the requirements of the ECT Act.

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Fax2Email Management

The fax2email service comes with an online admin system. Users can simply log on to update their profile, change the fax2email end destination, check fax history  and resend faxes.

Fax2Email Support

The fax2email service is covered by fully equipped call centre. The call centre can be contacted during office hours for any support queries “Registration, Activation, Installation, Technical or How to’s” See the support page for details.

Fax2Email Packages

When registering - You will have an option between “FREE Fax2Email” and “Subscription Fax2Email”.

  1. The FREE Fax2Email service will link a free 086 fax number to your email address and will enable you to receive any national “South Africa ONLY” faxes.
  2. The Subscription Fax2Email service links a geographical “landline” number to your email address. The subscription service gives you all the benefit of the 086 Fax2Email service + it makes it possible to receive faxes from anywhere in the world! Read more about subscription fax 2 emai.
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Fax2Email - Step by Step


Step 1

After registering for a Fax2Email a 086 number is paired with your email address. You will then receive an email that will take you through the activation of your new Fax2Email number. Once the your Fax2Email number is active anyone using a standard fax machine that has your 086 fax2email number will be able to send you a fax.

Step 2

After a document is faxed it is routed to the registered fax server. The fax server then captures the fax and converts it into a PDF document or TIFF image. After the fax has been converted to digital format the fax server looks up the email address that is linked to the 086 number and automatically sends an email to the designated email address with the fax as an attachment..

Step 3

All that is left now if you to check your email and receive your faxes. Making use of the online porthole Fax2Email users can check their Fax2Email history, resend old faxes, store faxes for 7 days, switch between PDF / Tiff format and update their user information. In many instances the next step is to get the functionality to send faxes from your PC. Please have a look at the PC 2 Fax section of this website.

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Fax2Email Benefits

Fax 2 Email Works1. Receive simultaneous faxes to your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
2. Keeps you in touch any time, any where;
3. Provides the facility of receiving faxes without a dedicated telephone line or a fax machine;
4. There is no need to own a fax machine;
5. It will not cost you anything to receive faxes! The person sending you the fax will pay the cost as per normal procedure;
6. No Telkom lines or additional fax machines needed to receive faxes;
7. Save money on paper, toner and telephone costs;
8. View the fax on your PC and select only those pages you need to print;
9. Received faxes are easier to manage in digital format than hard copies;
10. Read/delete/print/save or forward faxes;
11. Saves you the cost of maintaining a fax machine;
12. Save paper and toner because you choose whether to print your faxes or to store, forward or sort them on your PC;
13. Keep faxes private as there is no paper lying around on a fax machine;
14. Pick up your faxes remotely from your office via internet;
15. No more hovering around the fax machine waiting for an important or private fax;
16. Clients will never get engaged tone again, can receive in excess of 400 faxes simultaneously;
17. Have multiple fax numbers per company.
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