CarbonWorx: Go Green - Save Paper - Save a Tree

Subscription Fax 2 EmailIf  you  have  registered  for one  of  our  services  you
have  already   taking   the  first   steps  in   preserving
our environment by going  green and using the  green digital  solution. To  go  even  further  we  has  aligned
ourself with  CarbonWorx  to bring you an easy to  use
& traceable system that can help you or your company
to offset your carbon footprint.

Why CarbonWorx ?

The CarbonWorx program works on the basis that you
purchase  a  starter  kit  that  includes  your  very  own
colourful Hi-Co magnetic stripe card together with your first tree that will be grown and
planted on your behalf. The  areas used for re-establishing  ecosystem are controlled>> Buy a Card
according to very strict standards, which include: watering, protecting and maintaining
the tree.
CarbonWorx will do regular tests to measure how well the tree is contributing to restoring the eco system and saving our planet. When your tree is planted you will receive a digital certificate with your name, card number and the GPS co-ordinates confirming the place and date the tree was planted. Your tree will form part of a “new forest” that will re-establish the ecosystem in the area.

Your contribution will assist in managing climate change and
contribute to SAVING OUR PLANET.

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The CarbonWorx card is more than just a token, it identifies you as an individual who wants to make a difference. Purchasing a CarbonWorx card is a voluntary process to have a tree planted to help in the environmental impact on a micro and macro scale.
The registered CarbonWorx cardholder can participate in additional programs to accrue further points through retailers and suppliers allowing the cardholder to plant additional trees and also increase their positive impact on the environment and surroundings. Trees can also be purchased on our website to increase your profile as a registered user.

Plant a tree and make a difference Today.

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